Saturday, October 23, 2010

In Theory, I'm an Idiot, But Who Cares

Theory #1  Sixty-three degrees is perfect weather for the pumpkin patch down the hill (way better than the 85 or so we've been having at home). 
Well, okay it is, but not when it's also raining.

Theory #2  Since it's a kind of rainy day, maybe people will stay home today and it won't be crowded. 
Yeah, no.

Theory #3  We're not gonna need the stroller!  Last time we went to the pumpkin patch at Cal Poly Pomona, we got the "bad" parking about 100 yards from the pumpkin patch entrance.  Well if you go on the opening weekend, during the Pumpkin Festival, then you're going to park around the corner and down the street.  Apparently other people knew this and came prepared.
Like the guy with the baby carrier.

 And Mad...

 ... who brought Other New Fwog.

Corey, who said, "Thank goodness I don't want a big pumpkin this year!" after seeing where we had to park, ended up relying on his muscles for those not exactly small pumpkins.

Muscles he did not get by eating anything prepared by this group *gag*.
Disclaimer: Gagging is not induced by actually ingesting anything made by the International Viscera Cooler Club.  *gag*retch*gag*  I've had a problem with stuff that was simply labeled "meat."  Is it necessary to be that graphic? *gag*  Jeez.

Ahem... *deepcleansingbreath*

My pumpkin didn't come from the patch.  No no!  I wanted something for baking.  The lone grandma in our group suggested the Cinderella (which I tried last year... fabulous!) or the Jarrahdale variety.
It's funky looking, but the Jarrahdale pumpkin is rumored to make a fine pie... or four.  Sucker weighs a ton... or at least 15 pounds.

Corey carried it to the car for me as we left.  He and Tom had already made one trip to the car with the kids' selections.  On our way out Tom stopped to grab some backup sugar pies for me from a stand while the rest of us continued to the car.  Fynnie was in the wrap and Mad was tired.  So I picked her up and maneuvered her to my back.  Eleven or so extra pounds in front, 33 extra pounds in back.  And yet Corey had the nerve to complain about the pumpkin in his arms.  Reminded me of the argument he and Tom had as we walked to the hospital while I was in labor with Madelyn.

All in all it was a fun day spent with fine people.  My theories were all wrong, but we had a great time.

What's that?  I didn't show you any photos of Fynnie Fynnie Coco Pop?  Did I forget?  Pshaw! 


The Rambler said...

Awwww...Fynnie and Mads are adorable!! And why no shots of you??

Yah, our field trip to pumpkin patch was hot, dirty and the bags they so nicely provided for people RIPPED. So the two we had picked plus trying to manhandle and excited 4 year old was slightly stress inducing :)

Oh and made me gag when you just talked about gagging! I almost threw up a little in my mouth. GAGGGGG.


Rebecca said...

Sounds like an adventure we would have in our family.

Bossy Betty said...

Awwwww....Loved those pictures of the kiddos--all of them!

Glad you got those pumpkins. Does Mad know about Jack-o-laterns yet? Time to get out the big knives! What could possibly go wrong! The Meat Science Club probably used knives to create their masterpieces!

Anti-Supermom said...

Sounds like some of my theories about the apple orchard.

Fynnie is getting big and Mad is adorable, I think these are some of the cutest pictures you've posted yet!

And yes, no pictures of you?! ;)

Hugs - hope all is well!

PS - I should mention Corey too, but you know - he's a teenage boy, they don't like that too much, do they.

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