Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Madelyn Rocket Frog Turns Four

Madelyn turned four a couple weeks ago. Can you believe it? Four is so much older than three, don't you think?

There were a few similarities between this year's party and last year's. In case you don't remember, we had frog cupcakes then.

We also had them now. (Yeah, I know "had them now"... it is what it is.)
You see frogs, right? (All smiling Muppets... er... frogs were done by Grandma Margaret. As usual, the nonplussed frogs were created by yours truly.

This year's party had a camping theme.  Although my dad's generous offer to bring over their fire pit was tempting, I opted for these insanely delicious s'mores cookie bites. (My version of the recipe calls for dark chocolate instead of sickeningly sweet Hershey's bars. Plus, dark chocolate has antioxidants, so these bites are healthy.)
I got the recipe here, although you can see mine bear little resemblance. The main difference, aside from the chocolate is that my pan was apparently 9 X 9. The extra inch in each direction meant less cookie on top. As far as I'm concerned, this is a serious win.

Our parties are developing quite the reputation for crafts and activities. Nobody pretends like I'm some amazing child party guru. They ask if they can rent out Grandma Margaret to come up with great fun that costs nothing.

Like the pine cone bird feeder. Okay, so you made dozens of these when you were a kid. In my sheltered (ha!) life, I only learned of them when Grandma Margaret recently said, "Hey, I was thinking... "  

Pine cone, peanut butter (just go ahead and accept now that the kids are all going to stick that spreader back into the peanut butter after licking it off... yes, even your beloved Princess Smooshy Face) and birdseed. Use a pipe cleaner to make a hanger and put it on the tree in your yard.  

Ours are buried in the full foliage of one of our plum trees, but they are already needing to be reseeded. The birds are happy.

Hand- and fingerprint trees are a lot of fun. (Bailey's is a weeping willow.) Be sure to tell the kidlets that it's not chocolate, even if it looks like it could be. I've said it before, whoever invented washable inks and paints is my favorite person. In the world.

No campsite is complete without a tree and a roaring fire. (I cannot stress how much better that fire looked in real life. Same for the tree. No matter how schmancy the camera, sometimes it just comes down to operator skill... or lack thereof.)

Madelyn, giving me her latest "Oh, you're taking my photo?" look. Bonus:  A little Fynnie in the lush landscape that is our perpetually awesome backyard.

Last year at this point, Madelyn looked just as excited. And then we gave her ice cream and she passed out. Over the course of the past year we have taught her about breathing exercises to calm herself and that ice cream should be enjoyed slowly with small bites. Although she and I did buy ice cream for the party, it never made it out of the freezer. What?! She didn't even notice.

Not that Madelyn didn't make my heart jump into my throat anyway. Why she threw her head... and hair!... forward while blowing out the candle, I'll never know. But she didn't catch on fire and we did not find any other reasons to seek specialized medical treatment. That, my friends, is a successful party!

Fynnie may or may not have gotten hold of three or four cupcakes. All we know for sure is that we found three of them sitting outside with the frosting and candy faces eaten away.

This, my friends, is Fynnie's thinking face. Ask her a question and this is what she will do. Usually while saying, "Um..."
I'm pretty sure she's planning her next party.  Not to worry, Grandma Margaret is all over it!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

And Then I Had To Do the Creepy Dance

My birthday was a week ago Friday.  Get this:  Tom realized ahead of time that my birthday was going to be on March 23 this year.  (And you go, "Whaaat?!?" and I go, "I know, right!?!")

Unlike previous years that have included the well thought out last minute trip to Target for a greeting card and some Tic Tacs, he began plotting and scheming and, you know, being aware well in advance.

He took the day off from work, so I did, too.  We took the girls to IHOP for breakfast and then spent the morning shopping.  Okay, sure, it was for sheets and frames for Madelyn's room.  Ask me how much I care?  I don't.  Then we drove down the hill.

We took the train road.  We stopped for sunflowers.  I tried to snap a few photos, but it was too windy in the pass.  After wrangling a few sunflowers off their bushes, I headed toward the car.

I noticed a little green bug on one of the flowers.  Brushed it off and searched for others before taking the flower into our car and giving it to one of the girls.

Got 'em all!  Whew!

Turned to the second flower and saw this:

What's the big deal?!  Allow me to magnify for you.
What the hell is that?!?!

Which of my daughters did I almost give that to?


So, yeah.  I set the flower on the hood of my car, snapped a couple photos, flung that flower off the car and proceeded to do the creepy dance.

Did you do it, too?

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Stupid Things I Say

"No, please do not lick the wall like that.  See how you're leaving tongue prints.  Mama doesn't like that."

"I'm going to go call the vet.  I'm pretty sure the horse is dead, but I see that you don't all agree."  (Gotta hate love office meetings.)

"I was just thinking... during sex you need wrist guards and I must look like Tyrannosaurus Rex trying to keep my breasts in place."  (File this under things that are least appropriate... if there is a good time at all... to say during sex.)
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