Monday, August 08, 2011

Happy Birthday, Fynnie Fynn

For the big things and the little
For the laughter and tears
For the love and the heartache
For the long nights and short mornings
For the whole year through
I Love You

~ Mama


Leslie said...

Happy Birthday to Fynn! That's a nice tribute. My Austin just turned one also. Do we know each other from BBC birth board? Probably. Congrats to you, Momma!


Brooke said...

Happy Birthday Fynn!!! I can't believe a year has already gone by!!

JT said...

Happy birthday, Fynn! Such a big girl now :)

My captcha is "blest". How appropriate.

Anti-Supermom said...

Happiest Birthday, little Fynn!

I can't believe how quickly it had gone~

Janette105 said...

Fynnie!! Happy 1st Birthday, Sister!! I hope your day was just wonderful!! The Sisters say Hello and hope to see you again soon!! XOXO ((HUGS, Sham-WOW!!))

Emms said...

Hoot birthday Fynn! I love thw story in pictures. So very beautiful!

Carmen said...

Happy 1st birthday! She's adorable.

renegademothering said...

Okay so our daughter's are 3 days apart. MORE PROOF that we're BFFs. Although yours has hair. Which makes me a little jealous.

Happy birthday beautiful baby Fynn.

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