Saturday, October 08, 2011

Things You Don't Want to Hear

At the allergist's office:
"Well that's weird!"
"You reacted to everything.  Even the water."
"I've never heard of that before!"
"What I'd like to do is to inject you with pure Benadryl to see how you'll react this time.  We'll inject you three times, each time with a higher amount.  And if you live through that, then we can go from there."

At the allergist's office during the Benadryl challenge:
"I've never seen anyone react like that before."
"Do you have a cardiac problem?  Your nail beds are blue.  Probably because it's been so cold.  *touches my hand*  Well, you're not cold at all.  Maybe just mention it the next time you see your GP.  Say, "Some crazy nurse said...""
"That shouldn't happen."
"We have never done anything like this before.  Ever.  You're the first."

At the car dealership again:
"We don't know exactly what's wrong.  You have 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, ,10, 11... 11 codes popping up.  Could just be a glitch.  Probably is."

*In case you were wondering, I am fine.  Somehow I managed to pass the challenge, but it was touch and go for a few minutes there while hives and red patches were measured over time.  Who the heck has a body that fights Benadryl, people?!  That ain't right.  The good news is that the Benadryl helped finally clear up some lingering swollen itchiness from the previous day's screening.

**As far as I know, the half moons of my nails have always been a little bluish.  That crazy nurse has pretty peach colored nail beds.  I'd be kinda jealous except I've always leaned toward cooler tones.  Apparently it's how I was made.

***Let's all send a little rapidly dying energy to my car battery, mm-kay?  I have 9,000 miles left on my extended warranty.  A new battery runs about $8,000.  Having that done under warranty would be a dream come true.


JT said...

Ugh. Yuck. This is all pretty bad, and I am glad you're ok though. Hugs, mama.

Everyday Song said...

Hey You! I'm just popping over to say hello and that you feel better soon!

Anti-Supermom said...

You can not be allergic to water, can you? That all just sounds too crazy. Here's to the craziness ending very soon for you... and a new battery being under warranty!

Carmen said...

Wow... even the water! Was it the scratch test or blood test? I was told the scratch test and create false negatives/positives.

Emms said...

How is that even possible? Allergic to the water?! Lol crazy. Prayers for the battery to die!

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