Monday, February 20, 2012

Mad Day

This morning around 4:15, Tom prepared to take Fynn to Grandma's house on his way to work.  She was raring to go!

Madelyn and I stayed home for some Mama and Mad time.  I know that we've had at least one morning to ourselves since Fynn was born.  It was so long ago that I can't recall the details.  It's been too long.

We made cupcakes from scratch.  Mad was able to drag a chair over and get the white spatula all by herself.  (And thanks to those new pads I put on the chairs last night, it was a quiet event aside from Mad's gleeful sounds of independence.)

We made a small batch of cupcakes.  Half had vanilla frosting, the other half had root beer frosting.  The vanilla was delish, as always.  The root beer frosting tasted like root beer.  Great, if you like that sort of thing.  The cupcakes are in honor of Mardi Gras*, and they have appropriately colored sprinkles (purple, green and gold) on them.  And pink, because if you have one more color in the sprinkler, you've just got to use it, know what I mean?  One thing you can't tell is that each cupcake has chocolate kiss at the bottom.  It wasn't supposed to be the bottom, but those suckers sink.  And then the come out attached to the paper when you're done.  Kind of weird, but still better than baking a plastic baby in one.  Is it obvious I'm not from the south?

Next up?  Trying out the new brushes Mama scored yesterday at a local craft store that is closing so it can relocate about 10 miles farther away.  If you look closely, you'll see that Mad uses the blue brush for the blue paint, and the purple brush for the purple paint (and so on).

This pretty much sums up our day, aside from a few stories and trying out some new hair clips.  After lunch was nap.  As soon as I realized that I was spending the day at home with the good napper(!), I could hardly keep my eyes open.  We both slept great.  And then when she woke up in a cranky mood, we snuggled until it was better.

Not long after that, Daddy and Fynn came home and life went on like normal.

*I was selected to host a Zatarain's House Party.  It was on Saturday.  Everyone we were expecting to see ended up being sick.  So we made a few main dishes that night and have continued trying out recipes since then.


Emms said...

It sounds like it was such a fun day! And the vanilla cupcakes sound amazing, especially with a chocolate kiss. But root beer? I dunno about that lol. And awesome to be home alone with the good napper, that's a great day too ;)

Anti-Supermom said...

You are sucha good mom, I honestly don't think I've had a full day where it was just one of my children and me...

and root beer frosting would be right up my kid's alley, except they don't make that flavor in a tub, lol!

Molly said...

Hi Shan! I am so jealous that Mad still naps! Matthew gave it up months ago and his little brother (not quite 2) seems to think he should give it up too. Good luck with that, little man. I can't decide if root beer frosting sounds good or not--I guess on vanilla cake it would taste like a root beer float? I might just stick to my favorite: diet root beer and vanilla vodka. Yum!

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