Monday, March 26, 2012

Subliminal Mad

Do you remember when Kevin Nealon was on Saturday Night Live and played Subliminal Man?


(This is where I would have inserted a YouTube video clip, but all I could find was this audio clip.)

So Kevin Nealon as Subliminal Man would tell a story while mumbling something hilarious and/or inappropriate.

Why do I mention this?  Because I'm pretty sure Madelyn has learned his technique.  Refined it, even.  Taken it to a nearly paranormal level.

The other day we were heading down the hill.  Both girls had cups of water to drink on the way.  We don't use sippy cups, but they only drink water, so it's fine if a (rare) spill happens.  Along the way, Madelyn mentioned that her hands needed a bath.  I looked in the mirror to find she had a hand in her cup.  Normally I don't allow this, but I had a lot of work-related crap on my mind and I let it go.

A few minutes later she said, "They have tears."

"What has tears?"

"The fingers on my left hand have tears."

"Are they sad or happy?"

"Um (hey moron!), I think they're just fingers."

And yes, that came complete with the look just in case I didn't catch her subliminal message.

1 comment:

Emms said...

Sheesh mom, really. Did you think they were anything else? Oh ma gaw you are Soooooo dense. Oh wait, I didn't mean to say that outloud :;). I need to meet Mad, she sounds like my kind of girl!!

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