Wednesday, April 04, 2012

And Then I Had To Do the Creepy Dance

My birthday was a week ago Friday.  Get this:  Tom realized ahead of time that my birthday was going to be on March 23 this year.  (And you go, "Whaaat?!?" and I go, "I know, right!?!")

Unlike previous years that have included the well thought out last minute trip to Target for a greeting card and some Tic Tacs, he began plotting and scheming and, you know, being aware well in advance.

He took the day off from work, so I did, too.  We took the girls to IHOP for breakfast and then spent the morning shopping.  Okay, sure, it was for sheets and frames for Madelyn's room.  Ask me how much I care?  I don't.  Then we drove down the hill.

We took the train road.  We stopped for sunflowers.  I tried to snap a few photos, but it was too windy in the pass.  After wrangling a few sunflowers off their bushes, I headed toward the car.

I noticed a little green bug on one of the flowers.  Brushed it off and searched for others before taking the flower into our car and giving it to one of the girls.

Got 'em all!  Whew!

Turned to the second flower and saw this:

What's the big deal?!  Allow me to magnify for you.
What the hell is that?!?!

Which of my daughters did I almost give that to?


So, yeah.  I set the flower on the hood of my car, snapped a couple photos, flung that flower off the car and proceeded to do the creepy dance.

Did you do it, too?


Brooke said...

OH MY GOD!!! I totally did the creepy dance after seeing THAT! Gross gross gross!

Emms said...

Ohhhh that's nasty. I totally did the creepy dance. I've never seen anything like it!

Emms said...

Ps I forgot to say happy belated birthday!

Bossy Betty said...

Hey sugar! Stopping by the say hi!!!

Tiffanie A said...

I would have done the creepy dance to... no wait.... I would have screamed like a girl and ran away!!

I love your writing... I am your newest follower from Mama Blog on Baby Center.

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