Sunday, January 11, 2009

Merry Christmas To Meee

Corey is a typical 15-year-old boy in some regards. For example, his room is a complete freaking disaster about 95% of the time. (Again, I say, never, NEVER give a teen boy a room with a bathroom.) So when it comes to birthdays and Christmas... or any gift giving situation, really, we look for experiences instead of things that will end up on his floor, regardless of how cool they were 15 minutes ago.

This year we were going to focus on his interest in seeing plays. However, I stumbled upon something even better. I knew it was something he would love. I didn't realize it would be something I would love just as much.

What is it, you ask?

Why nothing less than a personal chef coming into our home (today!... now!) to teach Corey and a friend how to prepare a meal. After much emailing back and forth between myself and Jeremy (who looks like he's one or two years older than Corey, but who has, in fact, classical French training), and after surreptitiously gathering information from Corey ("Hey Corey... I know you like a lot of different kinds of food. What would you say is something you don't like?" "Um... probably anything spicy. I don't like if things are too spicy"), the menu was determined:
  • Mixed Greens with a creamy Dijon vinaigrette
  • Creamy Polenta in a browned butter and sage
  • Sauteed Mushrooms in a white wine sauce
  • Braised short ribs in a red wine reduction
  • Chocolate Pudding Cakes
Jeremy asked, "Sound good?" Well, yeah! Especially since you asked how many people you, Corey and Richard will be cooking for! I kind of figured that they would cook and then enjoy the fruits of their labor. Who knew I'd get to, too?
And what will it cost us? Groceries, $50 for the lesson and an afternoon of scrubbing up around here. A fricken bargain!
The first thing they did was talk about why one does not need... in fact, shouldn't... cook everything on the highest temperature (thank you!). Oh, and once they get the meat braising, the guys are all heading over to the Claremont Farmer's Market and then to the groc for anything they couldn't get there.
Even more exciting, Jeremy has spent the past 15-20 minutes working on knife skills with Corey and Richard. Of course, someone had to loose a fingertip, and it was Richard, so he's got the blue glove of shame upon his hand to protect himself from any future willy-nillyness.
I will let you all know how it goes... and how it tastes (sure smells good already). I'll have to imagine how the cakes taste, because I'm still nursing and I still can't have chocolate. Mad got a rash the one time I did dare to give it a try.

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Lady with a View said...

That is an awesome idea! JT's birthday is right around the corner and he doesn't need have inspired me!

So - dish it out sister (pun..pun...) How was the food?

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