Sunday, January 04, 2009


I have never been so happy to see California license plates as I was yesterday around 1:00 in the afternoon. Too bad for us, it was still another 12 and a half hours before we pulled up to our door. We are back home from just over two weeks spent driving, visiting and a small number of other sit-on-your-ass types of events. Not that we didn't have an excellent time... we did, and I'll be writing about that in the coming week or so after I clean up a few posts that I've had in the hopper... but our vacations usually entail at least one hike or long walk or something. This one did not. The good news is that we all had a stomach bug (one of those "sit-on-your-ass" events I mentioned...). Okay, that's not really good, but at least there's a better chance I'll still fit in my clothes when I try to get dressed for work tomorrow.

I did get to read a few posts from my blog-homies, but couldn't get a comment to post from my phone to save my freaking life! Not sure how many times I would have a comment that close to done when the whole thing would disappear. So I'll also be trying to catch up with you in the next week or so. As I wash all of our laundry (four loads down... 27 or so to go) and scrub this place into something that resembles clean. Ugh!

Anyway, I just wanted to get something out to let you all know that I've been thinking of you and that I'll be catching up as quickly as I can. I missed a couple of you in particular.

Shan :+)

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Lady with a View said...

Welcome back traveler! That is a long time to be away from home....I get homesick after just 5 days or so.

Good luck on the laundry..when I get that far behind I go the the laundry mat where you can get it all done in 4-5 hours. They might not be as clean - but at least it's done and levels the field!!

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