Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's Bumpy Out (AKA 'And... She Lived!')

We returned from Chicago last night.  The flights there were mostly okay, except for those last 30 minutes into Midway.  I did send out a little, "Please let us get on the ground safely," to the universe. 

The flight out of Chicago was heinous.  Corey had opted to seat himself a few rows up.  When he turned around to see how I was doing, I almost burst into tears from the concern in his eyes.  I will try to remember that moment when he is especially obnoxious.

Instead of "Please let us get on the ground safely," my request was more along the lines of "If we're going to die, please let it happen before we land."

During that flight we were in the next to last row.  We should have just taken the last seats and spared ourselves having to listen to the jackass behind us try to impress the girl he was with by regaling her with stories of his DUI's and how he only goes to movies if a girl drags him there and how every girl he knows... yeah, probably even his sister... has been with another girl (sadly, she seemed interested... who is the bigger loser?!).  When the turbulence got really bad, with side-to-side dips and drops, Jackass spent about 10 minutes pondering how far we were dropping each time.  I tried to go to my happy place.  The best I could do was to visualize what the phrase "fasten seat belt while seated" would look like fingerspelled.  Strange what works.

Even the landing involved side-to-side dips, so I was very glad the pilot was staying with that plane while we traipsed to the other end of the airport in Phoenix to grab our connection.  The last flight was passable.  There was some turbulence, but nothing compared to the last one.  One of the nearby passengers must have commented on it to a flight attendant.  I heard her reply, "I know.  It's been so bumpy out lately!"

***Trip details to follow after I get through editing the 300 or so photos we took.


Anti-Supermom said...

Yuck, that sounds like a horrible flight - reminds me of why people (like my Brother-in law and wife) travel separately... in case one plane goes down.

You have me second-guessing their craziness!

Rebecca said...

Gosh, that guy sounds like a serious jackass. The girl seemed interested?! Gross.

Bossy Betty said...

Hey! Sorry I have been AOL from your blog! Great to get back to it!

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