Wednesday, July 13, 2011

News of My World

Doesn't involve any hacking, sneaking or listening in on other people's conversations.  But there's a lot to share!

We are feeling increasingly more pleased with our decision to switch to Kaiser.  We met the girls' pediatrician last week and Mad's neurologist today. Every medical professional we've encountered greets us and then tells us why we're there.  Because they've read our file.  Doc walked in this morning and said, "So you're here about the incident in April."

Yes, that was my jaw hitting the floor.

Moreover, he really listened to what we were saying.  We discussed Mad's fall in 2009.  Unlike the neuro we met back then, at no time did our new doc try to insist that Mad had a seizure and then fell.  He listened.  We laid out everything.

Two women in Tom's family have a history of seizures.  Teen onset, lasting through early adulthood.

Mad fell.  Knocked herself out.  Came to.  Went out again.  Had an EEG that showed some minor activity that our old ped, Dr. Present, said could result in a seizure disorder later or could be nothing.

At the birthday party in April, Mad was extremely excited.  By the singing.  Her first candle to blow out.  The frog cupcake.  The ice cream that she was eating way too fast.

She seemed to have a brain freeze followed by a seizure.  But she came to and was her normal self (albeit upset) in a matter of seconds.

What did all of that mean to our new neurologist?

Mad fainted.

Apparently some people are susceptible to vasovagal episodes.  And do you know what can cause them?  I am not joking when I say being excited and eating something cold.

Yes, that was me breathing a huge sigh of relief.

Fortunately, Doc is going to redo the EEG to be on the safe side.  Again unlike the previous neuro, New Doc does not advocate using heavy duty meds to prevent something that may or may not happen.  So if it turns out she is at risk for developing seizures, we will wait to treat them if they show up.

He said Mad seems perfect.  Developmentally appropriate.  Smart.  Pretty (he did say that, but not as part of his diagnosis).

So next up will be an EEG.  Unlike two years ago, Mad isn't likely to fall asleep anywhere we put her (not that she did then), so she'll probably have to be put under for it.  That's our least favorite part of the whole thing, but we'll take it to get the answers we need.


Carmen said...

Ugh, it's so annoying when doctors can't give you a straight answer. It's almost as though they are so afraid of a potential lawsuit they can't be straight with you.
Glad you were able to find a new one.

Emms said...

That is so awesome that he actually listened, and oh I don't know, practiced medicine as it should be!
Let us know how the eeg goes and good luck through it!

Bossy Betty said...

Yahoo! So glad things are working out with the new doctor!

Noelle said...

Hooray for good doctors who actually care!

mama to j and bean said...

Wow! Sounds like the new doc is the perfect fit for your family! I know how frustrating it can be when the doctors don't LISTEN and just talk at you. So glad you found someone that is working with you and listening. Congrats on making a fantastic decision!

Anti-Supermom said...

What GREAT news!! I'm so excited for you guys, that you are getting answers... and they are answers that you are OK with hearing!

So happy!

And I owe you an email, I'm just so bad with emailing lately, you too?

Maybe it's just me...

The Rambler said...

Mother to mother....sometimes we know to keep pushing on and just because someone with a PHwhatever tells you there is no other answer and lacks in the "did you learn to care in kindergarten?" day.

Keep us posted on how things go.

Love Love...your stalker bestie :)

JT said...

What a huge relief! Thank goodness!!! I never knew ice cream was so dangerous.

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