Saturday, July 23, 2011

On Sharing

When Madelyn was a wee bebe, I had some difficulties sharing food with her.  It wasn't an issue with Corey.  I don't know why exactly. 

Okay, I have some theories:
*I was extremely stressed by Mad's start in life.  It blindsided me and affected how I made decisions for several months.
*When Corey was a toddler, I gained about 35 pounds on the "toddler diet."  That's the one where Mama makes a meal for herself and the kidlet, eats hers and finishes his.  Brilliant.

I've been much more relaxed about sharing food and drink (I pretty much only drink water when we're together) with Fynnie.  Still not eating hers, but totally fine letting her share mine.

I have this really cute water bottle that is clear with a periwinkle lid.  (Periwinkle was the color at my wedding, people... this stuff is important!)  It is with me almost constantly.

Did you know that light shines through a clear plastic bottle with a periwinkle lid?

Did you also know that letting your nursing daughter sit up and take a sip in of water in a dark room with the computer on before you will illuminate exactly what happens when said nursing daughter lets water flow in and out of her mouth.  In and out of your cup?

Fricken slo-mo science video reel before my very eyes.


JT said...

Kids are gross ;)

Bossy Betty said...

Ummm..Yeah. I'd have a little trouble with that....

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