Monday, January 16, 2012

The Old Homestead

I recently purchased a card reader so I'll be able to upload photos to this computer from my old camera.  We have only come across one disk so far.  October 28, 2007.  This is my old Mexican sage plant that I grew from a clipping a friend gave me.  Mexican sage is among the lengthy list of plants that are not ideal for the high desert climate, so we left it in the yard of our old apartment.  Nance and I went past the other day.    Either the apartment manager or the tenant who moved in after us removed it and everything else we grew.



Bossy Betty said...

Hi Sugar! So glad to visit you again!

Anti-Supermom said...

That is a bummer. It would have been much more of a happy ending to see them growing instead of trashed.


JT said...

Oh! That's so sad. The summer the babies were born, my mom replanted all my plants. I had a contractor let me use his discount, but we put in over $1200 of plants. And then I moved. Breaks my heart.

One of the other, insignificant reasons I moved: I had this huge butterfly bush, and during November or December 2010, there was a big snowstorm, and the weight if the snow cracked my butterfly bush in half. So sad. Makes me sick to think about.

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