Monday, November 24, 2008

Check, Check, Check

The good: I got to visit with Nance's husband, Ken, at City of Hope today. Although his hair is starting fall out, he looks good and seemed to be his usual self.

The bad: I was unable to donate platelets because of my "stringy" veins. The veins are so small that the staff were only willing to attempt a whole blood donation because it was for a friend. Didn't matter, because despite taking about 300 times the recommended amount of iron, I was .2 too low (has to be 12.5, I was 12.3). If someone can be my stand-in and donate whole blood or platelets, I would be ever grateful.

The ugly (but also the good... life is a circle, after all): Tonight Corey and I noticed that a police car was right out front with it's lights flashing. Neither of us had called the police and it wasn't coming to our house. We high-fived.

1 comment:

Lady with a View said...

I'm glad your friend is doing well - and you made my giggle about the police car. It's not even 8 am and I'm giggling...bound to be a good day and I can so relate!

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