Monday, November 03, 2008

Fun and Games, Madelyn Style

Six months old is a fabulous age. I vaguely remember when Corey was that age, but do recall thinking the same thing then. About three weeks ago, Madelyn got her first tooth. The next day she started growling. It cracks me up when she does it; sometimes she cracks herself up.

Two nights ago during dinner she started playing her first follow-the-leader game... and she was the leader. In between bites of turnip, Mad would lean her head way over to one side, resting it on her arm or on the highchair. As she leaned, I leaned. Then she would slowly sit up and lean the other direction. Again, I leaned with her. We didn't break eye contact. Several times she leaned over to the right, started to sit up and then went quickly back to the right. Pretty sly for a baby... and the look in her eyes when she's doing it, man oh man!

Getting Daddy to do it in the midst of dinner is a breeze!

Naturally the power has gone to her head and she tries to get me to lean whenever we see one another.


Tiana said...

Babies are amazing. I love them!

Navykel said...

TOO CUTE!!!!!!


Lady with a View said...

What a BEAUTIFUL baby!

Noob Mommy said...

How adorable!

meili_lo said...

sooo cute! I can relate 'cos I'm a mom too =)

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