Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Yep, I've got it, but not in that giddy, all-out way that recalls one's youth. Nope, cautiously optimistic at best, really. I have said over and again that whichever man became President, he would have the world's hardest job in front of him. So hard, in fact that he might not succeed.

Now that it seems Obama is our leader, I will send up a little prayer of gratitude to the powers that be. I will also send up one for his continued safety. It's an incredible shame that hate can exist solely based on race and skin tone.

Thus, I am not only hopeful for our country's ability to rise out of the quagmire created by eight years of the shrub and untold years of our own bad decisions. I also hope that Mr. Obama is able to live out his own eight years of leadership, peace-making and unification, without a return to the civil rights era's violence by those who fear what makes us different.


Paula said...


First, I share your hope that Obama will be able to unify our country without intrusion from "old thinking." Even though I voted for the "other guy" I still believe that any president elected deserves the support and respect of "we the people." Ok, done with my silly quotes. :)
I want to thank you for your kind comments at my site They Saved Me. I am glad that my story has moved you and that it is being read. I simply want people to know that hope is never lost, just misplaced. My kids have opened my eyes since conception to the beauty that is really here in this life. So, as I step off my podium, thanks again for your comments and your time. There is tons more to come.

dale-harriet said...

Shan - I just found you from MY blog (follower? I think you're the only READER; I willl henceforth think of you when writing!) and I read back some. This whole "innerwebs" thing -- can connect people who otherwise would not know of one another. I had a "Corey" too. I think I understand some of the feelings behind your words....I can report (though it may not be very consoling) that my Gabriel, a literal nightmare from about 14 to about 17 (and tough for a while past that) is now 37 (hmmm...I'm old enough to be YOUR mother! {grin}) and a very reasonable young man. OK, 'nough said about that - I couldn't agree with you more about our new President; it's the first time I've felt optimism in a long time. And Paula? I bow in your general direction; you have MY respect. I hope there are more like you out there.....

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