Sunday, May 03, 2009

Bad Mommy

I just awoke from a nap because Maisy was whining to go out. As the fog cleared, I remembered that Madelyn had been in bed with me, nursing. However, she was nowhere to be found. So I got up and checked the upstairs baby gate: closed and locked. All of the doors in the hall were shut, so I raced to each one and opened it to see if she was inside. I started with the priority rooms: the bathroom and Corey's (with the 75 gallon tank). She was not in those rooms.

Laundry room? Nope.

Hall closet? Uh, no, but thanks for checking.

Her bedroom? No.

Wait. What's that in her crib? *sigh* It's a sleeping Madelyn, safe where I'd left her two hours ago before I went to lay down.

Sure she'd been nursing in my bed today... about six hours ago! And how I thought she could get off our bed without my noticing escapes me. The top of the mattress comes to my waist and I'm 5'7".

I would have gladly gone straight back to napping once my heart stopped pounding, but a plaintive moan from the downstairs reminded me that I was still needed.

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