Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oh Mama!

Wasn't sure what to expect for Mother's Day after the birthday debacle. Mom was coming over and I asked Tom Saturday afternoon if he had any thoughts about what we should have for dinner.

"Nope. You?"


There was a long pause as I considered what I might make and he apparently bent over and pulled his head out of his... well, anyway...

"What would you like to have?"

"Hmm... probably something new."

And then we went to find something yummy.

The next morning I got up early with Mad and Maisy. When Tom got up a couple hours later, I headed back upstairs to nap.

Tom had made the bed! I took myself back downstairs to thank him and tell him it made me smile.

While I was napping, Tom and Madelyn went grocery shopping. They came home and Tom began the food prep for dinner. When Mom arrived, I was able to hang out with her. Mom, Corey and I played Scrabble.

Dinner was amazing. For dessert we had a fine vanilla ice cream with a bunch of fresh berries that Corey had cut up and sweetened with a bit of orange juice. Once Mad was down we played cards.

Corey seems to be relaxing into himself more and more. I see him smile more often and I hear him laughing. Sure, he's still a teen filled with the angst of place-finding, but he seems to be on a good path right now.

Tom, Corey and Madelyn each gave me cards. Madelyn's had her "signature" while Tom's and Corey's each had a lovely note. This was the do-over, and it was wonderful.

I hope you all had the same.

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