Friday, October 09, 2009

Mid-Visit Update

As anticipated, my in-laws are great.  When Mad was born, they came out but stayed at a hotel (we had a tiny apartment... they'd stayed with us there before, but for this they gave us space).  Whenever they came to our place, they called first to see what they could bring.  While there, Judy probably used every bit of her self-control to not hog the baby.  Instead, she cleaned and organized my kitchen and backyard... and then she held the baby.  I guess her mother-in-law would come to visit when the boys were born.  She'd tell Judy to go ahead and deal with her chores; Grandma would take care of the baby.

So yeah, I'd like to say a little thanks to Tom's slightly selfish grandmother.

The other day I was talking to Gina, who is married to my brother.  We were talking about my in-laws and how long they were staying.  She seemed to think that four nights was a long time, but I disagreed.  I told her about some of their previous visits and ended with, "My in-laws are great!  Everyone should have in-laws this great."

Her response?  A wistful... almost sad, "Yeah.  You're right."

Ahem... 'scuze me?  Bah!  So, some of my in-laws are great.  Namely, the ones on Tom's side, haha.

Judy and Larry have arrived at what seems to be the perfect time for Madelyn.  She was sick last week, but seems to be better.  On top of that (and more importantly), she has been much more receptive to others lately.  I did arm the grandparents with a secret weapon:  knowledge of the Boop (grapes).  Mad's a full-fledged Boop Addict (it's early for coffee yet).  So Wednesday evening Gramma gave Boop and yesterday Grampa did.  Last night Mad gave Gramma a kiss before bed, and today she let Gramma pick her up from her nap and bring her downstairs.

The only downside so far was that Corey couldn't sleep last night.*  He was apparently up and down the stairs pretty often, and then chose to watch something with the volume too loud.  (Larry and Judy are sleeping in our loft, so no doors for them.)  Combine that with the fact that Tom and Judy's chatting yesterday afternoon apparently kept Larry from getting a good nap.  He has MS, so naps are not uncommon (heck, I don't have it and I can appreciate a good one). 

Today, we spent the late morning shopping for Halloween costumes and decorations and clothes for Mad.  After lunch, Mad and Grampa were ready for serious napping.  Grampa was determined to snooze:
Seemed to work.  I think I'll try this next time I'm trying not to hear Tom shaving/brushing his teeth/opening the shower curtain 900 times in the course of a work morning.

*Okay, really, there was one other downside, but I can't talk about it right now.

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