Saturday, October 24, 2009

You Can Dance If You Wannoo

What a madhouse!  My mom showed up at 4:30.  Lisa and her entourage (parents, one younger sibling) arrived about 45 minutes late... so about two and a half hours after Corey was dressed and ready for them.

Somewhere in the midst of everything, I decided to bake chocolate chip cookies, because yeah, I am Susie-Freaking-Homemaker.
(Those ginormous chunks come from leaving the chocolate chips in my car during the heat of summer.  Susie-F-H's tip for breaking them up?  Put the bag on the floor and use your heel.  Gently, you don't want chocolate carpet.  Anything that doesn't hurt will break up... anything that hurts is meant to be super huge.)

Part of me wondered if 30 minutes was too long for the photos and whatnot.  It wasn't.  After the introductions, they pretty much went into the flowers.  At first the cute couple was a bit stiff. 

Flowers took probably 10-15 minutes.  Her mom and I told her it was a rite of passage for her to pin the boutonniere on Corey.  Actually I said that and Mom agreed.  Then I admitted that I never knew about getting the boutonniere at my first dance.  I believe I did know about it at Prom, but can't recall how it got on my date's lapel, frankly.  (Knowing how that relationship ended, I know how I should have applied it.)

Lisa did a great job, with a little help from her mom.  Corey waited about 10 minutes to tell her he was bleeding.  (He wasn't, but too bad I didn't catch the look on her face then.)
Please note that my children are both in the photo above.  What's wrong with this picture?!?
I have a lot of photos in which I'd love to Photoshop a pitchfork and shovel.

Most of the photos were very stiff.  Eventually I was able to get them to relax and be silly (that's right, Me, the annoying mom with the bad sense of humor and worse timing... uh-huh, that's right... even Corey started to do more than just pull his lips back to expose a small bit of enamel).

He's a handsome boy, no?

One thing you can't really tell from these pictures is that Corey had a scarf over his tie.  I can't remember what he called it, but it looked something like an ascot.  Just before they were about to leave, he asked Lisa if she preferred the tie or ascot thingy.  She voted for the tie.  So he pulled the scarf out and gave it a new home.
She said it was an improvement.  (Is it wrong for me to still be laughing about this?!?)

Regardless of the time the dance actually started, nobody left the house until after 6:00.  Around 7:15 they called to say they were done with dinner.  (I hope it was good.  I'm starving!)  Dad is the acting chaperone, but I'm sort of itching to step in and get them myself.

Three minutes until we should be hearing from them... and maybe half an hour or so before I get to start learning how my son's first big dance went.


Anti-Supermom said...

What great photos! And now I'm really needing some huge chocolate chunk chip cookies!

The Rambler said...

Awww, cute.

And yum to the huge choc chip cookies.

And I have to I am always a lost person....what happened with Corey & Lisa after the dance? Did I miss a post?

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