Sunday, October 04, 2009

Out With the Heat, In With the In-Laws

There is a tradition here in southern California.  One without a specific time of year or calendar date.  Still, it happens without fail.  What is it?

My in-laws come to visit once a year, sometimes more.  They live near Chicago, right off Lake Michigan.  Inevitably, when they leave Chicago, it's cold.  They have not yet scheduled their visits during winter, because they want to enjoy the balmy California weather.  Someone should tell them we can be balmy during winter, too.  I doubt they'd believe us.

About a week before each. and. every. visit we have a heat wave.  The last one was spread out over... oh, a month.  A month of days in the upper 90's and low 100's.  Two days ago we started hearing about a cooling trend.  Last night, listening to an LA radio station I heard that it's all foggy and drizzly down the hill.  It will be for the next week.

They arrive tomorrow.  For the first two nights they'll be staying with Tom's uncle in Santa Monica.  Yeah, the beach in fall/winter.  Can be beautiful.  Can be downright frigid.

We won't be having any drizzling fogginess up here, but we are losing 30-40 degrees during the day (from two days ago), and probably the same off our nighttime temperatures.  This morning Tom took Maisy out.  My Chicago-born and bred husband, who used to infuriate me with his, "It is a little cool" (uh... it's 32 degrees, Jerkwad!), had his arms wrapped around himself, trying to warm up from being outside.  He's happy about the cold (as am I, frankly), but even he had to admit that it was "a shock" going outside this morning.

We all love the in-laws very much and hate to see them suffer.  They bring shorts and T-shirts and lightweight jackets "just in case."  The cool thing about them (aside from the frosty temperatures they bring, buahahaha), is that they never let it stop them from doing what they'd planned.  They are, after all, from the Midwest.  A hearty bunch, for sure.  Still, it would be nice for them to enjoy some heat once in a while.


The Rambler said...

Good luck and much fun with the in laws. CAn't wait for stories which you tell so well :)

Anti-Supermom said...

I don't know if I could do it!

It's freezing here too, so unfair, what happen to Fall?!

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