Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Kicking Off

I was as excited as I ever am to return to work after a holiday yesterday.  Since I do love my job and the people I work with, the tug to stay home with Madelyn and Maisy, and to be there when Corey gets home from school doesn't hurt as much as it might.

Somehow I managed to get up on time, but didn't think to check on Corey until 15 minutes before he had to leave.  Not sure how snoozing boy managed to get out the door and catch the bus before it was too late.

Mad and I tried our best to stay on target, too, but the poor kid's finally learned to sleep until almost 8:00, so getting up at 5:45 isn't so much fun.

Some brilliant person scheduled a meeting for first thing yesterday.  I was late.  Half of us were late.  The last line of the minutes said something like, "Once we all pulled our heads out of our a____s, we got a lot accomplished."  Couldn't have been stated more clearly.

I have a gala event to go to in a couple weeks.  Gala events are not my thing, but this one's sort of a big deal and I've had a lot of fun helping get ready.  I am having second thoughts about attending because I do not have anything to wear, and it's not where I want to spend our money these days.  So I've asked a couple coworkers if they have anything suitable (i.e., long or pants and able to stretch across my fat ass) that they'd be willing to loan me for the evening.

One of the things I did yesterday was to schedule an appointment with my doctor.  I've told Tom I want a new one, but it'll be such a hassle because there are no other good options in our medical group.  And anyway, I do like him, I just don't want to argue about tests and vaccinations I wouldn't accept should there be a reason to have them.  I arrived only to find that he was out delivering a baby.  Stay tuned.

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