Wednesday, January 06, 2010


I typically don't make resolutions for New Year.  I did two years ago, but it wasn't anything life altering.  I play games on Pogo.  I'm a member (I know... ooh) and sometimes play for badges.  Maybe it's because I was never a Girl Scout.  Whatever.  In any case, I found myself devoting a couple hours a week to badges for games I don't even like.  Resolution?  Only play games I like.  'Cuz I like to push myself like that, that's why.

Who knows when the last real resolution came from me.  I don't even "resolve not to make any resolutions."  Seriously?  That's like deciding not to decide.  You just did, but with less effect.  Doh!

So the fact that I decided upon rising this morning to do some stretches and a few exercises on my bedroom floor had less to do with the date and more to do with the fact that my pajama bottoms are getting snug.  Seriously?  That's not cool.

My "stretching" consisted of touching my toes, being glad I could still touch my toes and thinking about how I must resemble Winnie-the-Pooh getting ready for his hunny pots.

Then I laid down on one side and did about 20 leg lifts with my right leg.

The next thing I know Corey's at my door asking if I'm ever coming out.

Twenty minutes of mind-dazzling sleep later, I no longer had time to do anything else.  I'm gonna have to come up with a new plan tomorrow.  (Tom suggests I do the other leg.)


The Rambler said...

Okay...since you don't have an email attached to your thing for me to reply back...

YOUR comments literally make MY day!!

You have one of the funniest and wittiest (and snarkiest) ways about you :)

Bloggy life would not be the same witout you Shan :)

The Rambler said...

Oh...AND hilarious post.

Rolling over like Pooh? Hope you make the other leg tomorrow :)

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