Monday, January 18, 2010

A Tribute

To Pat, Nancy's mother.  Thank you for creating this amazing human being.  My best friend.  Best friend to many.  Nancy had told me about some of the characteristics she got from her long-departed dad.  I think she may have alluded to her independence and strength coming from him.  That may be so, but she also got it from you, didn't she?

She has commented in years past about how you always call to make sure someone got home okay, "She's a worrier."  Yet she always wants to know when I arrive after a particularly long or weather-filled drive, doesn't she?

The way she orders a glass of ice water with extra ice?  Could that have been learned from her mom who liked everything cold?

There has been a lot for me to learn since meeting Nance.  She has tried to share her taught me grace, patience and wisdom.  I have learned a lot more in the past two years as she helped her husband with terminal leukemia.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone will ever know all of me.  I suppose not.  The woman I feel I know so well keeps revealing herself as we go through our lives together.

Just the other day I learned more about her by sitting with you as you were drowsing under the effects of morphine.  I learned of similarities and differences that I hadn't even considered before. 

The love does not surprise me.  I thank you for teaching her to love the way you have.

And I thank you for the small mercy of passing away while Nancy was not there.  Considerate to the end, you must have known she didn't feel strong enough.

Thank you for my best friend.


Bossy Betty said...

A beautiful tribute!

Bossy Betty said...

A beautiful tribute!

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