Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Friend Request

I've had a few odd friend requests via Facebook lately.  Corey's paternal grandmother (who did not respond to my message, in case you were wondering) and people from my mom's church who I know, but barely.  But that's not what this is about.  This is about my friend Jody.

She and I have been friends since Corey and her son, Aaron, were about to turn one.  I was newly separated and Jody eventually set me up on my first blind date.  I think it should go down in history as one of the worst blind dates ever.  It was so bad I wrote about it here seven years later (I apologize for the extra large font).

Well Jody is back on the matchmaking front (did she ever leave?).  Tonight she called to tell me about this great Deaf guy she knows ("he's smart and everything!"), who can't seem to find a (presumably hearing) woman to date who'll get past his deafness.  She wanted to know if any of my former sign language students would be interested.

Despite a strong desire to protect my peeps, I mentally ran down the list of candidates.  One man, one lesbian, several married women and a 12 year old Pakistani girl.  Nope.  Not a single candidate.  *Whew!*  Then I remembered Natalie, but she's a few years older than I and the guy is 10 years younger.  Still no. *Double Whew!*

We got off the phone just after she said, "Well think about it.  If you can, throw me a name." 

Yeah, okay.


Bossy Betty said...

That's a pickle! How would you say that in ASL?

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Oh, dear! She doesn't appear to be the type to wear down easily, does she?! Oh, I'm so sorry! Good luck with that!

I know what you mean about weird facebook requests! I've had some of my Dad's old army buddies try to friend me, because my 75 year old dad doesn't have a computer! Apparently, they want me to relay messages to him! Yikes!!

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