Thursday, April 08, 2010

It's the Same Old New Math

Went to my prenatal appointment yesterday.  I've apparently lost two pounds from the day of the ultrasound last week.  I attribute it a little bit to my cold and a lot to having gone straight to the ultrasound appointment from a fabulous lunch. 

Oh, sure, I realize that one scale isn't exactly the same as the next, but I am choosing to believe I've lost weight.  And without harming the growth of the baby, too.  How can I be so sure?

According to Doc's tape measure, Baby Fynn is not measuring 21 weeks.  Nope.  She measures 29!  He checked twice.

Now Mad typically measured large, too, but never two months larger than one would expect. 

On the other hand, Doc did say, "You're 21 weeks.  Nine to go."

I hope he doesn't have a premonition or otherwise know something I don't know!

Nah, this is the same guy who gave us more than half a dozen due dates for Mad (aside from the ones we got from our initial doctor and the big ultrasound).  Granted, once he made his final decision, he was pretty spot on.  She was about 20 hours early.  So I'll just go back in a month and see what he says then.


Bossy Betty said...

Ummmm....OK, let's gain some weight now, OK? Baby Flynn would like that.

Anti-Supermom said...

I can gain 7 lbs. one month and nothing the next, it all works out to the same.

This pregnancy though, I'm on a steady increase :)

Oh yes, 29 weeks at 20 weeks, wowza!

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