Sunday, April 04, 2010

Her First Time (Sort Of)

The first egg... began with the white crayon and proper dipper technique.
Ahh, lovely.

Specifying colors and requesting a new "white egg" can make a young girl feel the power within.

Making the egg go "spish spash" ain't so bad either!

All that work can make a bunny... er... girl... thirsty.

Happiness is knowing that you are getting a new watch long before either of your little sisters do (despite Mom's claims that you have asked so much you may never own a watch until you're out of the house).

Minnie Pearl is ready to work in the garden.

Hunting for eggs (which are so fun to smash into the Easter basket... and if they don't smash well on your first try, you know you can always just press them into the basket really hard).

What, Mama?  You think there's an egg in my wagon?

Dad, what's wrong with Mama?  Clearly an egg has not been placed in here.

"How I spent the first Easter where I really did anything other than run around, watch Mama and Dada open presents for me, or nap."


Bossy Betty said...

What an absolute cutie! Fun with coloring eggs! Why didn't I ever put mine in the high chairs to do this? No.....I let them runaround the house and our rug has never been the same!

Love the last picture as well--a budding author~

Anti-Supermom said...

Love that last picture where she looks deep in thought working on her college essay or something... so funny!

Looks like a perfectly happy Easter to me.

And thanks for thinking about me and baby, it's worrisome, but I'm *not* going to let this bring me down about the pregnancy (I will have g.diabetes to do that ;))

Thanks again, Friend.

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