Sunday, February 20, 2011

Deepish Thoughts

As part of my job, I go wherever my employers have their materials.  One of my employers runs the business from her gorgeous home near the top of the foothills.  One morning Nance and I went to pick up a job.  The smell emanating from her house was noxious.  She said that her trainer had her cooking a bunch of broccoli the previous night and that it, for some reason, was still hanging in the air.

Last night I made a bunch of broccoli, pureed it and tossed in the freezer for future consumption by one Fynnie Fynn.

Last night and today I noticed a serious lack of noxious smells.  Except from Maisy, who'd gotten into the compost.


I have a dilemma.  If I hold my stomach in, I look better.  An odd side effect is that my belly button goes up more than an inch.  Not to an unusual height or anything.

Dilemma?  That makes my breast over an inch closer to my belly button.  I'll bet if I had another baby, I'd eventually be bumping my breasts with my knees.  While walking.


Last week I made a wild and crazy suggestion to Tom.  It used to be that he enjoyed my weird ideas.  This one involved sending the kids away to Grandma's for at least a day, possibly an overnight, this weekend.  To clean and organize our home.

A snowy pass and a long Saturday morning at work for Tom have eliminated the possibility for this weekend.  We have plans for next weekend that are supposed to be just as fun.  Trip to an exotic animal sanctuary with that mom's group I found when Fynn was born.  It could be fun, I guess.


Speaking of the mom's group... I hunted down the woman who started the group yesterday.  Her daughter was selling Girl Scout cookies at Albertson's (which Mad now thinks is The Cookie Store).  Bundled up the girls, complete with hair and unstained, appropriate clothes for all of us.  Met the daughter of the mom, other Scouts and a couple of other mothers.  The mother wasn't there.  She apparently just missed us and heard how adorable my girls are.

I am so freaking close to making friends up here.  Part of me wonders if I've hallucinated the upcoming trip to the animal sanctuary.


Mad thinks "Ins Mints" are the best thing ever.  She was disappointed Fynnie couldn't try them.


Fynnie's first tooth erupted today.  About an hour after we got up.  She was chewing on my knuckle and it wasn't there.  She nursed, went back to the knuckle and there it was.  Thank goodness, poor baby.  She's the first one of my children to need anything more than a cool washcloth to help her get through.


Noelle said...

I think ins mints are the best things ever too! And my house has never smelled bad because of broccoli. I wonder what was really going on? ;). Ps. What do youmdo for work?

Brooke said...

I love reading your blog because it always makes me smile. Congrats to Fynn on her first tooth!!

Bossy Betty said...

Deepish thoughts? I call these deep ones, baby. well, they are for me anyway, especially the whole belly button thing.

A new tooth! Yeah!

charles said...

Absolutely DIED re: the belly button deep thought. Love that more than anything. Cheers.

jsunshinedaydream said...

Okay so the belly button deep thought KILLED ME. Love it mucho very much. Freaking rad.

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