Monday, November 21, 2011

I Have Always Said...

Madelyn is smart.  Advanced.  Brilliant.

Now I'm being forced to take that back.

Madelyn... er... Mad-A-Girl... em... Mad... *sigh*... none of those work any more.

Oh no, not for my girl.  Try it and her initial response is a giggling, "Madelyn isn't Madelyn.  Madelyn is Bob Dole Rocket."

Did you know I call my daughter by her wrong name at least 15 times an hour?  Who knew?

Rocket is fairly tolerant about the whole thing.  I mean, it took her four whole days to go from laughingly reminding us to telling us through clenched teeth EACH AND EVERY SINGLE FREAKING TIME we slip up.

It's been a week and a day.  And now?

Now she hangs her head in forlorn dejection, clearly wondering if she was adopted or switched at birth.

She is pitiful and we are pathetic.


Brooke said...

Oh thank you for the laugh. How did she come up with the name Rocket?? Any idea where that is from?

Emms said...

Ah ha ha ha. Rocket. I love it. I always knew she was my kinda girl. Give Rocket a big hug for me wink wink!

Anti-Supermom said...

Is she going through one of those horrible phases too, Wyatt's been going through that for the last, umm... three years :)

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Shan!

Carmen said...

Rocket's an awesome name. I wonder how long she'll keep it up for.

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