Monday, December 05, 2011

Hope We'll Be Ready for Our Do-Over

Family photo shoot scheduled for last Friday morning got derailed by two of us projectile vomiting.

And do you know why I am sort of grateful for all of that yuck and goo?  (Well, not for Mad's.  That's just sad.)  Because my eyebrows started growing long.

Not just long.  Curly and long.

And I, style maven that I am (not), decided to trim them myself.

Pawing my way through the beauty supply drawer in my lair bedroom that is pretty much all hair bands of varying sizes, a face file, the crappy nail clippers (what happened to the good ones?!) and a few brushes and combs.

Eyebrow brush?  Not on your life.

Special clippers or scissors or whatever the hell people use to accomplish this task?  Bah.  Ha.  Ha.

Just me, the scissors that Tom recently used for some nefarious purpose that apparently dulled the blades (a fact I didn't realize until trying to trim Mad's bangs last night), my eyebrows-gone-wild and a lot of tension.

What could go wrong?

Yeah, no.  I'm not including any photos.  I suck.  Whatever.

I will say that there are no unruly or long hairs on my face at this moment.

Okay, yes, there might be a shocking lack of hair in the middle of my right brow.  I'm telling myself that people will think I have a cool scar.

It's hard to maintain the delusion, though, when my Nancy saw it and laughed out loud this morning.  She tried to hold it in.  Couldn't.  Kind of loud.  May have created a different type of scar.


Emms said...

Awe, poor Shan. As an adult, shouldn't we know better than to try such insanity? Um, I think not! ;)

Can't wait to see the family photos!

Anti-Supermom said...

I'm sorry, but I'm laughing over here too.



Jay said...

Lol funny post.

JT said...

HA!!! I've given my eyebrows a crew cut a couple of time. NOT attractive.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God...I really want to see!! HA HA (Make no this very moment I am laughing AT you, not with you.)

xo, Janette

Jaye said...

I really like your blog so I decided to show you some love by giving you an award. Go to my blog to check it out.

Heather said...

I have done bad things to my eyebrows, too. Sorry about the vomit. I like to think of vomiting as a kick-start to weight loss. It never lasts, but Iusually make good choices for at least a day! Or it's a justified. Think of all the cookies you can eat now since you threw up! Hee hee. Take care, Heather

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