Thursday, December 01, 2011

Dear Daughter,

You are adorable.  People smile at you and talk to you and about you as you pass by.  This happens whether we're in the store or you're on the soccer field, where you run with your hands by your face, looking only to the audience to make sure they’re watching you instead of watching the ball, your teammates or opponents. And when you speak, people listen.

So please do not tell the lovely restaurant hostess, “Mommy has to go the potty.  We’re going to the potty.  Me and Mama are gonna use the potty.  Fynnie doesn't use the potty.  I have my potty seat because I don't want to sit on the big one.”

Thank you.

Your onliest mother,



Anti-Supermom said...

At least you don't have to bring it everywhere with you, like on trips... have you been there? Nope, me either ;)

Emms said...

Ha ha ha. At least she didn't tell her you had to poo :)

Noelle said...

: )

Jay said...

You are great with words. I love your poems!

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