Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Forecast of the Day Screams "CAUTION"

... when it starts with an emergency trip to Target for tampons and formula.

... when it involves letting your toddler get only about a 45 minute nap because you've got to drive for an hour before shopping for a car (because that's where your truck died and you don't want to tow it up the hill to trade it in).

... when your husband, who knows you had to make an emergency tampon run, still takes his frustration and stress out on you because he feels stranded without a working vehicle (like the situation's going to last for-freaking-ever).

... when you get diarrhea at the first dealership.

... when your exhausted, overheated daughter freaks out about getting into her car seat again after it took nearly 10 minutes to move it from your car to the test drive vehicle.

... when you lose your $225 birthday present sunglasses somewhere along the way ("oh, sure... you'll call me if anyone happens to turn them in... thanks").

... when the sales guy at the next place jams his card in your hand and tells you to "wave him down" if you have any questions (I guess he didn't like that we took separate test drives so Mad didn't have to come along).

... when all the tension builds up between you and your husband so that when you do get to a restaurant to cool off, you threaten to sit at your own table.

... when, even though you said you weren't sure if the title to the truck would be in the truck (and you can't imagine why it would be since that would stupid if the truck ever got stolen, but you haven't had any file drawers since being married because we have to use the table his mom bought instead of the computer hutch that you own, so it's been his organizational system for four years), little to no real effort is made to find it before you drive down the hill, so even if the guy at the Toyota dealership wasn't a complete jackhole, you couldn't trade the truck in tonight anyway.

... when you finally apologize for your part of the problem, but your husband doesn't make eye contact or respond in any way, including apologizing for his part in this mess, even though he started it (and then you silently send him to hell in your mind, but realize you'll have to leave before he arrives).


The Rambler said...

Oh God Shan!

You had me at diarrhea. That would be ME.

And then you had me at sitting at my own table...

And then the title thing...

I hope you had a cocktail at the restaurant. Those are good with someone or without someone there :)

Anti-Supermom said...

Man I hope that you are doing a little better now - horrible day, seriously.

I love all the labels for this post- they are freakin' HILARIOUS!!!

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