Friday, September 04, 2009

Following Up

You ever have one of these weeks:

*Daughter falls and gets a concussion.
*You miss a day of work because you can't find your keys.
*Your son gets suspended for causing a fight. (Some girl said something obnoxious so he flipped her off. Her boxer boyfriend laid him out. Everyone's suspended.)
*During what was supposed to be a calm, rational discussion your son discloses, among other things, that he thinks his nose is broken. You don't think it is, but seek advice from his counselor while you've got him on the phone. Doc suggests making an appointment with the pediatrician in the morning (this may sound harsh, but he knows Corey's tendency to seek out attention). Just in case it really is broken, you call your insurance to find out where you can take him. His pediatrician is 50 miles away and it's after hours. Nearest urgent care? Well, your medical group doesn't have one up here. You can take him to the emergency room as long as you follow up with his physician.

"... follow up with her doctor..."

Crap. So today I was able to take Mad to the kids' doctor. I didn't take Corey because he no longer thinks his nose is broken and I agree. Aside from a bloodied lip and sore face, he's physically fine.

Doc was perturbed that a CT scan wasn't done last Sunday. So we're being referred to a neurologist.

And last but not least:
*Despite having talked with your mom for about 10 minutes immediately following Mad's appointment today, she emails you tonight to find out how it went. (And yes, I'm keeping track. This is the second time in a week she's forgotten part of a conversation we had. The other involved a story about a turtle she had as a child. I had vague recollections of hearing the story and asked her about it.

"Yes. We took those turtles to the zoo. Blah blah blah (maybe 5 minutes of turtle talk). Did I ever tell you we took them to the zoo?"

She also may have forgotten a conversation with Corey about having him stay at her place last weekend. I can't be sure about that one because it could have just been a difference in wording between her and Corey. Still, it's disconcerting.) Her birth father and his mother both had Alzheimer's. I'm hoping it's just stress. I mean, she's over 60, unemployed, does not qualify for unemployment because her last employer was a church (they're not required to contribute to unemployment insurance) and her health insurance is about to run out (the church has been kind enough to cover her since she was laid off in February). So it could definitely be stress, right?

Anyway, back to my original question. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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