Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Good and Bad

Today Nance mentioned that she'd checked her house on zillow again.  I know she's concerned about the value of her house dropping.  Hopefully it's slowed and will turn around soon.

I hadn't bothered to check ours because, hello!, we've been here not quite six months and the housing market sucks.  But she's mentioned it a couple of times over the past few months and today I decided to peek at our estimated home value (they call them "zestimates"... is it just me or is that lame?).  To my surprise and mild delight, we have equity.  Considering that a house three doors down just sold for $98 grand, I'm impressed.

If I could have only left well enough alone... but no.

The address book was sitting right here.  So I checked out some of my friends' home values.  Except for Nance and one other, I have no idea what anybody paid.  The "one other" is currently down about $30 grand.  How am I going to look her in the eye? 

Okay, enough over-dramatizing, but seriously.  I feel like a snoop.  Because I snooped.  I have stepped away from the phone book.

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