Monday, September 28, 2009

Looking Up

If you've ever checked out my deviantArt page, it will be no surprise that I love to photograph the sky.  I didn't get to do that at home much where we used to live, and had to rely on family vacations and camping trips.  The fact that we had Mad and bought a house has put a temporary damper on the amount time we get to spend "out there."  (It also means my site has only gotten two new photos in the past year... grr!)  So thank goodness we chose this place.

Here's what humidity looks like in my backyard:

This is the same night, facing the opposite direction.  To me it looks like the fake backdrop at Universal Studios or Knott's Berry Farm.

Here's a different night.  I am frequently out during sunset as well as sunrise (can you say, "No rest for the weary"?).  They often look just like this, the only difference is which side of the sky is more purple and which is more orange.

This is the tree that Tom and I want to put in our front yard.  It's called a Desert Willow or Desert Orchid.  In our former home area, olive trees are abundant.  They also have multiple trunks and can grow wide as well as tall.  Remember Gary the drummer?  It's in his yard.  His mom (yes, Ladies, the man who once wowed Florence Henderson lives with his mother) is apparently thinking of taking it out, so there's a chance we could get this one.  If not, our favorite landscaper is right around the corner and he's got them (a lot younger, of course). 

This next photo shows something I came across several months back.  The first time I did, I wanted to stop and take a picture.  I have to go near here once a month for a committee meeting at the local library.  One of my teammates for this committee, Lisa, and I collaborate each month to get our share of the workload done.  The first time I had her in my car, I made sure to drive by.  Her gasp was audible the first and second times we drove by.  We had another meeting last week.  I can't believe it's really real and have to drive by every time I get the chance.  This time we both whipped out our phones.  Lisa and I were a little uncomfortable stopping for so long.  All the same, for this
we even turned around and took pictures from the other side.  Sadly, this is the best shot... and it washes out the color.  That's right, I'm saying that this photo doesn't do justice to the house.  It is the brightest Halloween orange and neon green EH.VER.  On a house. 

I hear a song.  Do you hear it?


The Rambler said...

Oh thinks with the way I'm searching for an affordable home, I'll be purchasing this fine establishment that you so kindly took a photo of. :)

Anti-Supermom said...

Now I'm singing Mr. Roger's... thank you very much.

Cool photos, I especially like the first ones.

LutherLiz said...

Love the photos and am perplexed by the strange house. But we lived on a street with a bright pink house growing up so I suppose I should be used to it.

Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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