Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Might As Well Call In Stupid

This morning, after nearly three hours of searching for my car keys, I sent off an email to the person who handles attendance at work. "I will be taking a sick day today." That was as close to the truth as I cared to get.

For the life of me, I couldn't figure out where they could possibly be! We do get a bit cluttery now and then, but all the prep work for this past weekend's get-together remedied that. There are miles of clean carpet and counters. The keys just weren't to be found.

Because of Corey's "explorations," we lock all rooms that might be big draws when we aren't able to supervise him. This includes our closets and bedroom doors, the laundry room, office, garage and one of the pantries. Fortunately, we have a ton of spare keys for those rooms, so I was able to look everywhere.

We also have a spare key to my car. In the seven years Tom has had a key to my vehicle, he has always opted to keep it at home. We recently discussed this again and I reminded him that he won't really want to drive all the way home to get the key to my car. Apparently he listened; that was gone, too.

I did find my keys eventually... in one of the closet doors. If I'd left for work right then, I would have gotten there halfway through my day, and I'd already called out.

Meh. It was nice to have another day with Mad.

Speaking of Concussion Girl, guess who learned how to climb up onto the couch all by herself today? Despite the fact that she's been scooting off from a seated position for a couple of months now, Mad has decided that it's more efficient to stand up and walk off. Going over the arm is also great fun. So Mama won't be going to the potty alone downstairs anytime soon, and there'll be no running back up to get that one last thing, either.

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