Monday, December 28, 2009

Party Planning At Its Least Finest

Ever decide to have a New Year's Eve party?  But then, because you live at least 45 miles from anyone, you open your home for a giant sleepover?  And as you're inviting people, you include some of your coolest, funniest friends... and also some of your sweetest, nicest friends... so you have people who don't miss the chance to attend a church function (I know!  These people talk to me.  I can't believe it either) and the ones who never miss a chance to drop an F-bomb or explain their latest theories on evolution, gay rights or why the book listing hundreds of terms for masturbation is a HI-larious must read.

Yeah.  Me too.  What the hell was I thinking?

So if all goes as "planned" we should have between 12 and 25 people here for the festivities.  What festivities?  Well, maybe some poker.  Definitely the drawing game and probably Boxers or Briefs. (I just found that the game is discontinued.  That's the only reason I can come up with for the insane price.  You can borrow mine.)  And I bought poppers to freak out the poor dog.

Introductions will be something like this: 

"People who named their kid Luke Skywalker, meet people who want to open their own accounting business."

"Person who became a minister for the sole purpose of performing gay marriages when they became (briefly) legal in California, meet divorced husband and wife, her boyfriend and all the kids these people are raising."

"People who remodeled their home to be nearly completely green, meet people who think WalMart is right up there with sliced bread."

I sort of want to cancel the reminder that's supposed to go out in two days.

I'll let you know how it goes.

***The drawing game is something we've played with a couple of the cool funnies.  Everybody has a piece of paper (preferably not lined, but whatever).  At the top of yours, write a common phrase.  "Out of the frying pan, into the fryer" is the usual explanation and the one you should definitely not write.  Everybody else does the same, but with their own phrases.  Don't allow peaking.  Fold the very tippy-top of your paper over so it covers the writing, but not much of the paper.  Pass it to the left.  Open the one you received.  Make a drawing to explain the phrase.  Fold over and pass to the left.  Check out the drawing - but not the actual phrase - and write the phrase you think it's trying to express.  Repeat until everyone's paper is returned to them or until you run out of room.  Much hilarity should ensue upon seeing what people wrote and drew.

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Hank said...

Another option is The Mafia Game or its Werewolf variant.

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