Thursday, February 25, 2010


Here's a little comparison of this pregnancy to the ones with Corey and Madelyn:

With Corey I was sick all the time.  Any time.  Any place.  In the mall parking lot between two expensive cars.  Twice.  (I rode the bus to work and couldn't always make it to the McDonald's in time.  I'll bet the moms who were in the restroom with their kids each time I did make it were grateful for the days when I didn't.)  I vomited for three months, took a three month break and then started up again.  The doctor wanted to prescribe medication.  Suppositories!  Thank god for the pharmacist at Thrifty's; he suggested Sea Bands.  They worked well enough that I "only" lost five pounds my last month.  (No worries, Corey was 8.0 pounds and, as the doctor proclaimed, "Perfect!")  When it came to food, grapefruit was in, anything remotely spicy brought on contractions.  What does "remotely spicy" mean?  I couldn't even handle rye bread.

I did not throw up once with Madelyn until two hours before she was born.  It seems to be a requirement that I puke at some point in labor, so my plan this time is to just get it over with instead of fighting it.  I did not get off scot free.  There were exactly four and a half months of persistent nausea.  But there was a trade-off for standing in the bathroom facing away from the toilet and telling myself out loud that I wasn't going to turn around because I knew if I looked it'd be over.  Mad and I got to keep whatever I ate (and nothing... not even Indian food bothered her).  I just couldn't keep all of my brain cells.

With this pregnancy I've noticed even less nausea than with Madelyn.  (Part of me thinks that I could be totally nausea-free in three more pregnancies... if I aspired to be Michelle Duggar.)  Mostly it happens in the evening, and the oddest things can make it worse.  The other night I was heading into the kids' bathroom, hoping to win yet another fight with the porcelain gods.  Seeing that Tom hadn't drained the water from Mad's bath the night before almost pushed me over the edge.  And while I have not tried to put on shoes without pants, Baby Brain has struck early and often.

The latest hit came today, when I left home without my insurance card (and so had to postpone today's blood work 'til tomorrow) and shoes!  I usually keep my grown up shoes in the car and wear slippers for the drive down.  Not so today.  What did I have on the schedule?  Only going out to meet with several local businesses followed by a committee meeting with the head of the Economic Development Department to report our findings.  In slippers.


Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Oh, my dear! I'm so sorry for your troubles (vomiting and slippers, equally!), but your telling this story made me laugh! Hope you feel better (and are properly shoed!) soon!!

Bossy Betty said...

OK. It sounds like it might be a choice between losing your lunch or your mind. I was SO sick with my first pregnancy. I had to drive a lot for my job, so I just kept big Ziplocs in my car and whipped them out while I was driving--never even had to leave the fast lane! What a woman.

I'll bet no one even noticed your slippers....

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