Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day of Love and Disappointment

Well, it's that time of year again.  Spouses all over will secretly be planning their requisite holiday sex just so they can get that special gleam in their eyes when someone asks, "And how was your Valentine's Day?"

Some frustrated girlfriends will be thinking, "If he doesn't ask me to marry him this time, that's IT!"

Teen boys will lament that their only Valentine came from their grandparents.  (But at least you scored $10, right Corey?)

Little girls will wander around pointing out all the hawhts.

And us?  Well we talked about how we might spend some time alone together. Tom suggested that we actually go see a movie.  At the theater.  I told one of my friends that the last movie we'd seen out was Knocked Up.  She said that we ought to think very carefully about choosing what to see this time.

As it turns out, Mom's not available to watch Corey.  Sure, he's 16 and not mentally retarded.  Therefore he should be able to be left home alone.  Ain't goin'a happ'n.

So anybody have romantic ideas that we can do at home with a teen and a toddler?

Dude... we did that.  How do you think I got in this condition in the first place?  Something a little original, please?

Yes, I know I'm asking at almost 10:00 on the night before Valentine's Day.  What?!


Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Hmmm. Is a nice dinner (even if it's pizza or chinese take-out) followed by a nice old romantic movie, like Casablanca too cliche'?

Alan and I did our dinner out last night. We both ate too much and came home, looked at one another, and said, "You look beautiful. I love you. Rain check?!!" LOL!

Hope you're able to celebrate in SOME way!! Good luck!!

Bossy Betty said...

I think the best Valentine's celebrations come on days that aren't Valentine's Day. It will happen! My best Valentine's Day present was getting a good night's sleep!

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