Sunday, February 21, 2010

Deserted Living

Just before having a minor meltdown today, I pondered whether it was coming on because of pregnancy hormones.  I don't think so... or at least, that was the response I gave myself during the 2.5 nanosecond conversation.

Part of the meltdown was about Corey and part was about money, but what it really comes down to is the distance between our home and just about everybody and everything else.  There really are good things about having a bit of a drive in the morning or afternoon, and I mostly don't mind it... until I get home and have no energy to do anything.  But being without the life I apparently get from my people is really wearing on me.

Tom does not have the same predicament as I.  In addition to his day job, he's been working very hard to set up his own financial planning business.  He took a break over the holidays and I reveled in the time we had together, but now it's back on... and rightfully so.  It just means he's busy three to four nights a week plus half the weekend.  On top of that he has baseball and trips to the gym.

I am either at work or at home.  If I'm home, I'm either doing something with Mad, on the computer or sleeping.  There just isn't anything else happening.  I have taken to watching American Idol.  It's not how I'm designed to be, I think.

Tom and I had a long talk, after which I felt better.  Even if there aren't any solutions, knowing he was listening helped a lot.  When he went to get our mail, the local community college's "enrichment courses" listing was in there.

No, I don't have time to commit to regular classes because of Tom's schedule... not to mention that the money could easily go to other things, but it was nice to dream for a minute.

As I browsed the courses, a few stood out as future contenders.  One about digital photography, a set of cooking classes.  A Zumba group brought back memories of the last time I was pregnant.  Someone brought it to work and I loved it.  The class offered through the community college was even on a night that I could probably make work with Tom's schedule.

I continued leafing the pages and came across this:
I apologize for the small, wavy font.  I took the picture on my cell phone.  In case you can't tell, it's a grammar course entitled, "Learning English is Fun."  The last sentence reads, "At the end of this course, you will have, you will have a good grasp of basic English grammar." 

I wonder if proofreading the blurb will be part of the course. 

As your eyes strain to read the rest of the page, try to note the dates (here's a hint: 01/05 - 02/11).  That's right, we just received it yesterday, but all of the classes have already ended.

Ah well, I will go back to counting down the year and a half or so until the belly baby can let me out of his/her sight long enough to start teaching a class up here.  I probably should have done it once I stopped teaching down the hill, but it seemed better to wait until the baby/no baby matter was settled.  Note to self.


Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Gud gramer iz sew importent, dont u theenk?

Thanks for the laugh, hope you're feeling better soon!!

Bossy Betty said...

I've got one of them 16 year-old critters too and he would go crazy if he was too far away from his buddies!

Hang in there! Your days of Zumba classes surely can't be far away!

Rebecca said...

Fun blog! BTW - I love the pregnancy counter. I blogged a while back about how they annoy me because they count down to someone's due date when women rarely have their babies on their due dates. Most are late, and how frustrating to have your due date pass, you're still pregnant, but your blog pregnancy counter says, "Welcome, Baby X!" Yours is great because it says, "APPROXIMATELY X days to go." Much better...

I will visit again!

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