Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The End of One Chapter

The highs:
*Got out of the house seven minutes early.  Each of us was fully dressed (yes, I even had on appropriate shoes and backup appropriate shoes in the car).
*Was able to nurse and pump before leaving Grandma's.
*Managed to pump about the same amount as Fynn had in bottles with Grandma.
*More importantly, Fynn ate really well with Grandma.  *whew!*
*Fynnie got two great naps, including one where Grandma was able to put her down drowsy and let Fynnie put herself to sleep in five easy minutes (uh, no, that did not translate to home... it's just more evidence of Grandma Magic).
*Even better, she didn't seem even a little traumatized.  When she saw me, her expression was the epitome of bemused pleasure.
*My energy level was consistently high until begin a not-too-rapid descent around 2:30.

The lows:
*While nursing before leaving the girls this morning, I managed to leak.  Through two breast pads, my bra, a tank top and my new not black or white shirt.  Margaret, who's about 5" nothing, offered me a replacement, but I opted to rinse and use a hair dryer (okay, at first I was just going to dry, but I remembered the white circles milk can leave just in time).
*I finished pumping (in my car, away from the crowds... it's my "me" time), got out and headed back into the office before realizing that everything but the top button was undone on my shirt.  Twice.
*At random times during the day I realized that I hadn't hooked this side or that of my nursing bra.  Yes, twice.
*Picking up the girls and leaving Grandma's took over an hour.  Traffic was heinous, with a complete stop for at least 10 minutes at one point.
*Half an hour from home, I heard something no mama wants to hear from the back seat.  "*gasp*  My heinie is pooping."
*We arrived home half an hour after Fynn's bedtime routine should start, and Mad was so wound up (read: tired) that she kicked Fynn in the face while sitting/trying to escape from the potty during her second poop of the evening.

And now, I'm off to bed.  But before I go, I wanted to thank everybody who sent encouragement and compassion.  I appreciate you all!


Bossy Betty said...

WHat a day! But you all made it through. Hope the sailing is smoother today. It sounds like Mommy could really use a Snazzy Napper.

Brooke said...

I'm glad everything went well on the way to work and sorry that the way home was a little bumpy. Hopefully today went better!!

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