Sunday, January 02, 2011

It's the Night Before I Return to Work And...

... my car is 1/3 ready to go.  Fynn's extra clothes, a box of diapers and four packs of wipes refills are in the cargo area.

... the seating area is full of crap that I need to remove.

... Mad's car seat is currently rear facing because Fynn borrowed it during our trek down south.

... Madelyn's extra clothes are sitting at the top of the stairs.

... I am wearing the new jeans that I wanted to wear tomorrow (we went shopping today and I swear they were the only pants that were completely dry when it was time to leave)... and that I now really need to wear.  Why?

... it's snowing.  We got a little snow last winter.  In the past four hours we've gotten at least twice the total of last year.  Mad and I went out to play in it briefly while Tom was upstairs on sleep duty with Fynn.  Then we switched places so he didn't miss out.  (No, that didn't mess things up for Fynn at all.)  He and Mad made her first snowman.

... our neighborhood is blanketed in white and dotted with children running around and riding new Christmas bikes.

... the pass down to our jobs is, last I heard, running with CHP escorts, but may be closed by morning.  Elevation-wise, it's about 1600 feet higher than here, so that area gets a lot more "weather" than we do.

... our phone just rang with a call from the local school district indicating that there will be no school tomorrow due to inclement weather.  (This brought hearty scoffing sounds from Tom because it's really not that much snow.)

... I'm sitting here, kind of hoping that we'll be snowed in.  Tom could take a vacation day.  I might be able to maneuver my schedule at such late notice, but an unpaid day off wouldn't be that bad.  A day of snuggling with the girls whenever we weren't outside building more snowmen sounds perfect.  Doesn't it?

***Okay, since I started this post, the car is now in order, laundry is about to move to the dryer and photos from this evening are uploaded.  Here's a sampling of Mad's first romp in the snow.


Brooke said...

Hoping that you got snowed in and get in one last snuggle day. We're up and I'm going to start the car before we head out in about 20 minutes. I'm trying really hard not to cry.

If you have to go in to work today. Good luck!! I've been thinking about you all weekend. Hope it goes easy for you and Fynn!!

Bossy Betty said...

Snow! Wow!

OK, back to the point of your post. Breathe deep. You can do this working mom thing and remember--if the kids are alive and breathing and semi-happy at the end of the day, it was a success. Take some shortcuts and don't feel guilty about it. It's OK.

That was my back to school speech. Did you enjoy it?

Let us now how it went!

Rebecca said...

I hope it's going well today! I'm thinking of you.

Anti-Supermom said...

I was just thinking about you this morning, wondering if you had to go back yet. What a nice long maternity leave!

But happy to hear that it snowed and you got just one more day at home ;)

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