Monday, January 03, 2011


I'm not sure if I have the snow gods on my side or what, but indeed everybody from my office who lives remotely near me (and that would still put them about half an hour closer to work than I am) has stayed home today.

Tom braved it.  He left at 3:30.  Called me at 5:25 to say that he was about 10 minutes away.  From home.  Stuck on the freeway.  He got to work by 7:00, I believe.  Tom is more stubborn than I am.  Oh, and he has a jerkwad of a boss.

Talked the admin assistant at work and she said there's no problem with changing my calendar.  So today is now just an off contract day.  Whoop whoop!


Brooke said...

Glad you got one more day!!! I hope tomorrow goes well. This morning was a little rocky but I survived.

I totally took your advice and when I felt myself start to lose it, I ran out of our daycare lady's house. Not before she could hug me and tell me it will be fine. I evidently made her cry too.

I lost it in the car but felt 100% better when she called at 9:30 to tell me what a joy he is and what a happy baby he is. I was greeted at home with a double take from Mateo and then a HUGE smile.

I hope that everything goes well tomorrow!! I'll be thinking of you!!

Bossy Betty said...

Cool! Glad you got that cushion of an extra day!

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