Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Awesome Hair Theory

Tom had jury duty yesterday.  He was supposed to be at work 70 miles away at 4:00 in the morning, but instead he had to be at court five or so miles away by 12:00.  Noon.  Poor guy. 

He spent a few hours in the jury box yesterday and had to return for continued jury selection today.  At 10:30.

I was pulling for him to get selected.  I've sat on a couple of juries, and have found the whole process fascinating.  Okay, there was that awkward moment with my last service, when asked if I had any knowledge of anybody in the court, I admitted that I'd met the judge before.  When he was in family court about two years earlier.  The judge handled a situation with my ex-husband.  Peering over his glasses at me, the judge said, "Wait.  I remember you!  Wasn't your husband, The Lurker?"  *sigh*  Yes, yes he was.  Can we move along?

When Tom went back today, he spent roughly two minutes seated in the jury box before being summarily dismissed by the prosecution.

I said it's probably because Tom's been growing out his hair and it's just too awesome for them.  I'm probably right, too.  Tom said the next person to come out of the court room was another man, somewhat older, but with equally awesome hair.


renegademothering said...

okay so you don't have an email listed, so I'm posting this as a comment. It's also a comment on my blog, but because I want to be sure you read it, I'm posting it here:

Allow me to say, at the risk of scaring the crap out of you, that I think I love you. I wrote that mediocrity post with the proverbial tongue in the good old cheek. And then I started depressing everybody and it occurred to me “oh SHIT people don’t think this is funny.” Then I reread it and realized it is in fact pretty dark and depressing and heavy. Then I wanted to delete it. Then I said “fuck it” and left it, cause that’s what a blog is, right? the real deal, ugly or not, huh? So thank you for writing something light-hearted about that post. I was feeling very insecure about the whole thing (cause that’s how I roll) and your comment lifted some of my fear of failure and pissing people off and being a shitty blog writer, etc.etc.blah blah dee blah. and all the other stories my mind tells me about various ways that I suck.

So thank YOU for giggling at funerals and for cheering up this mama.

Don’t leave me. I need you.

renegademothering said...

oh, and by the way, this is hysterical about the judge. what a great moment. You have gotta tell me about "the lurker." No wait maybe I don't want to know. You're rad.

Bossy Betty said...

I am sure it was the hair that did it. I was on a jury not too long ago. There was one poor guy who was explaining to the judge how he couldn't serve because of some medical problems. The judge just dragged out every last detail. We had to hear about cleaning out at colostomy bag, etc. Just wanted to put your little moment in perspective.

Emms said...

I am cranking up about the judge!

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