Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Party Planning

Tom decided he'd like Mad's third birthday party to be WordWorld themed.  Or The Wiggles.  I have never really disliked a kids' show until seeing a few episodes of The Wiggles.  Granted, they have some catchy tunes, but they also... okay, they're just weird.  And they're not my kind of weird.  Ugh!

More importantly, do we have to have commercial themes?  We did get her a musical Elmo balloon last year (the music piece lasted five or six months longer than the balloon itself... an excellent investment in Mad's eyes), but are we really the type of people whose parties match up with television shows?  We may as well shop at WalMart, catch Bieber fever and start teaching Mad that Hannah Montana is an excellent role model right now.


Margaret and I did a little birthday decoration reconnaissance Monday night.  Stopped at a home decoration store rumored to have butterfly nets for cheap.  When you're looking at a dozen kids, they weren't that cheap, and for some reason, the more appropriately sized small ones were twice as much as the large ones.

Went to the dollar section at Target and found the small ones for a buck.  Along with some frog slippers and a frog magnifying glass.  Have I ever mentioned Mad's unswerving adoration for frogs?  I do find it ironic, since my dad insisted on calling me Froggie from age 11 to probably 19 or 20.  It was cute for about three minutes.  People loved to gift me with frog statuettes, stationary, stickers specially printed with my "name."  Beginning at age 22, frogs were given away, donated or tossed with every move.  I moved four times that year alone.

It's probably inevitable, Mad's frog love.  She also loves ducks.  They do not have quite the same luster as fwogs, rather they are fwogs' pond buddies and, as such, held in a position of esteem.

Behold part of her collection of frogs and ducks:

Allow me to introduce you to some of her friends.  Back Row: Duck, New Frog, Backpack Frog, Other New Frog.  Front Row:  Another New Frog (sometimes known as Fynnie's Frog, which Mad reclaims as often as possible), Little Green Frog (AKA Original F.R.O.G., this is the dude that started the craze... ahem... for Tom... before Mad was born), Duck and Frog Blanket.  (Not pictured because she's sleeping on him right now:  Big Green Daddy Frog and a collection of fuzzy and rubber ducks, but no, not fuzzy rubber ducks.)

The other morning on the drive to Grandma's, I asked Mad, "What do you want to do for your birthday that is coming up?"

"I need chocwet."

"Yes, honey, that's because you're my daughter.  What do you want to do?"

"I need chocwet and white."

"You want chocolate cake?"


"And white cake?"


"Do you want a cake or would you rather have cupcakes?"

"I ravviveler have cupcakes!"

"Chocolate cupcakes and white cupcakes?"

"Yeth.  I need chocwet cupcakes and white cupcakes.  And a spoon.  And ice cweam."

One thing I love about my girl, that ability to separate the needs from the wants.

Today we made more progress in the party planning details.  There's a cupcake bakery that recently won Cupcake Wars.  Margaret pulled the address for me so I could check 'em out.  I asked Mad if she had any particular decorations she wanted on her cupcakes.

"Yes, ummm... I want fwogs."

"Anything else?"

"And ducks.  And fwogs and ducks."

In case that wasn't clear, this evening she explained the whole situation to Tom.  Covering her bases, don'tcha know.

Tonight Tom made invitations that feature a frog who is a complete unknown in the world of children's television.  Or probably any television.  Printed on duck yellow paper.  Has some cute wording.  I gave it a fun font.  More of a garden/pond feeling than a theme.  At our house in the desert.  All is well.  (Yes, I am dying to go all "ducky" here, but a modicum of restraint, people!)


Bossy Betty said...

First of all, I want to comment on the part of a mother's brain that stores all of the vital information about the frogs, the frogs' names, origins, their likes, dislikes, etc. It's amazing. Someone should study this.

For reasons that will remain mysterious, people enjoy giving me frogs too. I am all done with that, but apparently, they are not.

The birthday party sounds like it is going to be a good one! Good for you for not going with a commercial theme. However, I must say the Wiggles are fascinating to me and I have no idea why.

Anti-Supermom said...

Best post ever!

The part about the frogs has me rolling, did you move 4 times just to get rid of more frogs, lol!

And we all were at the Party Store before Henry's bd and Dan's like... what's his theme. I looked at him, does he not know me?! Our wedding didn't even have a theme or a color scheme or whatever (it was the talk of the town!)

And her frog name, so cute. 'New old frog, backpack frog!' I love her!

So I'll add since I can't seem to sit down a write and actual email, Edy eats whatever I chop up for her. I'm not following a color code (though that might make it easier to remember what she's had and not).

And the girl rolls over now, finally. Just barely sitting up on her own :) 7 months old today *sigh*.

renegademothering said...

LOVE the frog list. Absolutely classic. Also, I HEAR ya re: the commercially themed birthday parties (or anything else for that matter). I mean it hurts to bad to let them have that crap, yet they LOVE IT so's almost worth it. Well okay it pretty much is always worth it. Unless I'm around my super granola Waldorf mamas. Then I just hide that crap and hand them bark to play with. hee hee.

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