Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Today, March 1 two things became irrevocably true.

One, Fynnie got her second tooth.  Perhaps that's why we were up from 2:30 to 4:00 this morning, although she seemed perfectly happy.

Two, I must now say, "... when I turn 40 this month."  Last year Tom threw a surprise party for me.  To make up for the god-awful birthday of 2009.  More than one person insinuated last year that I was "39 again."  Dude!  Today one of my coworkers said, "Is that all you're going to be?"

Apparently she meant that in the because 40 is so young sort of way (most of the women I work with are at least 50).  Or that's what she tried to explain after hearing me gasp and seeing my mouth drop to the floor.

Not that mere weeks from 40 is old or anything, but today I borrowed a magnifying glass from my dad and Margaret so that I could do some paperwork at the office.  We have to cross-check students based on this exceedingly long series of digits.  Turns out I can't see much difference between 3, 6 and 8.  Or 4,7 and 9.  Okay, yes, sometimes I get 5 and 0 mixed up with other numbers.  But 1, that I can handle, no problemo.


katy said...

Shan, my sister will also be 40 this month, and she just had her first baby in January! Keeps you young, I say! (I'm not far behind at 35...)

Bossy Betty said...

Whatever you do, don't use the magnifying glass to inspect your hands or face. I did that and have still not recovered.

You are a gorgeous, vivacious, bodacious, young and beautiful woman. And I will always be older than you. I promise.

Brooke said...

Congrats on Fynn and her second tooth. Happy Birthday month and if it makes you feel better, I assumed you were in your mid-thirties :)

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