Sunday, November 15, 2009

All Over the Map

I am handling things reasonably well, I think.  Kitchen deep cleaning is nearly complete.  Next will be our bathroom.  The stupid room is the same size as either of my kids' not small bedrooms.  Who needs that much room to shower and brush teeth?

But between the non-pregnancy and the major problems with Corey... he's been staying with my mom for a week ... life's not quite the same right now.  Much more than being bummed about not being pregnant, I am incredibly sad at the situation with Corey.  I miss him, want him home, but know that this isn't really the best place for him to be right now... for any of us.  No matter how well I do once I'm up and finding something to occupy the brain, I wake up sad. 

Got any tips for getting through the tough times?  Seems like I should have the answers since (like most people), I've had my share in the past.  Clearly I need to work on that whole focusing thing.

Maybe I should just count the reasons it's better to be me than Maisy today.  For example, since I didn't spend the past week or so either making a mess with the food and water in my crate or watching as Madelyn messed with my stuff, I didn't have to spend the day outside in my newly washed crate... laying in the sun as the woman of the house scrubbed the floor on her hands and... hmm... yeah, maybe that's not where I should be looking.

This has been a pretty good weekend, overall.  Mad and I spent some time coloring yesterday. 

Whomever actually developed washable ink is my new hero.
The three of us went to a birthday party for Mad's friend, Scotty, yesterday.  He's two.  His mom and I talked about Christmas cards and I told her about last year's Christmas Letter.  When I got home, I sent a copy to her.  Looking through it brought back some good times.  And man, we really did have the world's smallest kitchen!

Tom and I spent a lot of time either hanging out or working on things together.  Since we both ended up with a couple of days off this week, it felt almost like we'd already had a weekend.  Stuff got done, so that's good.

Tom does want to try again for a baby... the faux pregnancy just wasn't quite as satisfying.  Yeah, bad humor.  I know.

Well, since I did waste about 10 minutes of my life tonight reading not one, but two articles about Jon Gosselin, I can aver that it has to suck a lot more to live in his shoes.  At least I'm well aware of my periodic stupidity, try to minimize it when possible and I haven't sold out my family for anything.  Okay, better life than Jon Gosselin.  Check.

Oh and here's something good (it won't sound that way at first), but completely surprising to me.  As the person who pays our bills each month... including the hefty extra amounts that Corey's been accruing through the TV and cell phone (that he can no longer access), I had determined that we would not have any money for Christmas.  Like, none.  Without a credit card, of course, but who wants to charge things these days?  That's so 2005.  We have paid off most of our credit cards.  Two are left, but neither is shrinking like we'd like.  Anyway, thank goodness Tom handles the non-bill parts of our finances, because it turns out we can buy presents and party food in the month of December after all.  Yay us.

And Friday night, instead of going to training like usual, Tom had an early appointment and then came home.  On the way, he stopped at one of our favorite Thai restaurants to pick up dinner.  Sure, it's 45 miles from here, but they pack things well and the food was just as good as ever all the way up here.  Apparently they have caller ID, because the woman said, "This is for pick up?  In Rancho?"  No really, my husband's coming.

So there are some good things.  Thanks for listening while I worked it out... again.

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