Sunday, November 01, 2009

Happy 'Ala-een!

That's what Mad said a couple of times before we left to go trick or treating last night.  She and I also practiced that age old song,

"Trick or treat
Smell my feet
Give me something
Good to eat"

which, for some reason, Tom had never heard.  (Mad's version of practicing was to kick up her foot when we got to that part.)

Friday evening (I know... ugh!) we finally found a costume that fit, wasn't trampy (WTH?!?) and didn't cost over $50.  In fact, it was $5 for the outfit and another $8 for shoes that conveniently matched.  Thank you The Children's Place.

Mad the mysterious genie...
wants to know why Dad tucked her shirt into her bottom.
She was very excited to go out and do some serious trick or treating. 

Ahh, who are we kidding?
She had no clue why she was going out at night in slippery pants and a sparkly top, but she was gonna make the most of it!

Going up to someone's door?  When it was all skeery and loud?  Oh, heck no! 
My girl just wanted her treasures (yeah, you call 'em rocks... shhh...) in her basket.
Don't even think about making her come out of the neighbor's rock... I mean treasure... yard.
Dad's brilliant plan was to strap Mad and the basket into her wagon.  He ran home to get it.
And went back one more time to get some wawoo.
Eventually she got the hang of going to people's doors.  If we skipped a house, she said, "DOOAH!"

Mad did not say, "Happy Halloween," "Trick or Treat" or "Thank you" (however, every time we told her to, the person on the other side of the door said it for her... muahahaha... so much power, haha!).  She did, however, tell me not to run and admonish me to get out of the street (I guess it's her power, not ours... hmph!).

Corey did not dress for Halloween.  He stayed home and passed out candy (we ran out in about an hour and 15 minutes!!!).  He had a mask, but apparently left it at school the other day ("or something...").  Instead he was The Cute Guy With That Unfortunate Eye Problem.
In, I'm-so-proud-BUT... news, Mad is counting.  She can get to nine.  After nine comes Mama, in case you were wondering.  She's even recognizing some of the numbers when written or signed (the same has been going on for a month or so with letters).

On the other hand, I still have four Ahms... *sigh*.


Anti-Supermom said...

She is adorable, in one of the stinkin' cutest costumes I ever seen!

Spot On Your Pants said...

Wow...I'm impressed. We didn't even know until that afternoon what our kids would be. (open dress up tub...find whatever fits...ram it on top of the winter coat). voila!

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