Sunday, November 01, 2009

Homecoming Update... AKA The Dirt

It occurred to me recently (ahem... yes, it was after being reminded by The Rambler... what?!) that I never told you all how the dance went.

As it turned out, Tom zonked out on the couch, so I did get to pick them up (yay me!).

On my way out of our neighborhood, I tried to track down the house with the booming music.  I will admit that I was slightly impressed at the quality of the music.  The base wasn't overpowering everything else.  However, we could hear it inside our house with all the windows closed and it wasn't even coming from our street or the street behind us!  Since it was around 11:30 at night, I was more than a little peeved.

At the school I quickly found the kids making out huddling to keep warm.  According to the cute couple, they danced "a lot" and had "a lot of fun."  Yeah, I know... try to keep up with all the details, m'kay?

We stopped for drinks at the tres chic gas station nearest the school.  As their chauffeur, I went in and made the purchases.  All I know about what happened while I was away is that they were a respectable distance apart when I returned.

On the way to Lisa's house, I could hear some of the chatter coming from the back seat.  Here's the part I caught:

Lisa:  "Don't look at me like that.  I know all your expressions and it's not gonna work."
Corey:  "No you don't."
"Yes I do."  *longish pause*  "That's your puppy dog face and it's not working."
"I know.  It sucks that it doesn't."

When we arrived at her place, Corey helped her out of the car and walked her to the door.  He said he felt bad that he didn't wear a full suit (just a vest) so he couldn't lend his jacket.

We made a stop at what was probably the only fast food place open at that hour so Corey could make up for sharing a dish with Lisa at dinner... and sending home leftovers with Tom.

When we finally returned to our place, that obnoxiously loud party was still rocking.  So I reluctantly became that neighbor and called the cops on 'em.  Didn't matter.  Apparently they'd already had several calls.  The dispatcher said she'd "be sending someone over to check it out."  I was up until after 2:00 AM and the party never even slowed down.

However, the noise music didn't keep anyone else in my home from getting a good night's sleep, and I'm sure at least one person had some especially sweet dreams.

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The Rambler said...

Bless you. I am one of those people that always misses things :)

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