Friday, August 06, 2010

Thanks, Mom

I've mentioned before that my mom and I have a somewhat complicated relationship, right?  Right.  So the following story should not come as a surprise to anyone, least of all me.

Mom texted me yesterday to tell me about a story she'd just read online.  Maybe you read it, too.  I had.  A woman gave birth to quintuplets.

The end of Mom's text?  "Are you sure you've just got one in there?"

I wanted to respond with, "You know, some people would think you're calling me fat."

Or more to the heart of the problem, "Yes, and if you had bothered to come to any of the appointments we've had over the past eight months, you'd know that."

Instead I said nothing.  To her.


Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

I actually have a sister like that. I do a lot of yelling "what I wanted to say" at the empty walls of my house. To her, I say nothing! I've learned that it doesn't do any good to confront her, neither one of us are ever going to change! Do you feel the same way about your mom?

Bossy Betty said...

Good pregnant woman. Good.

Rebecca said...

I had people ask me if I had two in there, but never five.

You know, wouldn't you simply assume that a pregnant woman knows how many babies she has in there? Even without technology, you would know if you have five, you know what I mean?! :)

Anti-Supermom said...

Ha-ha-ha. I'm sorry, but it's a little funny.


You know I'm laughing *with* you and not *at* you though!

Thanks for checking in on me, I'll post something soon. Big Hugs!

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